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Brass Top Dining Table

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The Brass Top Series, which includes side tables, dining tables and desks among others, are a combination of brass and solid hardwood. The brass provides an interesting departure from solid timber whilst maintaining the material integrity of our designs. Brass is historically used in furniture and architecture and develops a worn-in patina over time, much the same as solid wood. With use, scratches, scuff marks and ring marks will appear. For us, this forms part of the warmth and charm of the antiquated brass finish, reminiscent of country hotel bar-counters and is part of the nature of this material. As an alternative, this design is also available with a Fenix inlay option instead of brass. Fenix is a composite material highly resistant to scratches and staining, so please enquire for more info. Due to the size of the brass sheets, tables longer or wider than 2x1m will be made with joins in the brass top. While discreet and even, these joins are visible. Fenix is available in much larger sheets and usually does not require a join. As the legs on this design are positional at the far corners, this table works really well in smaller areas where space is at a premium. We make all our tables to order and to size in increments of 100mm (both in terms of length and width). When working out the correct size for your table it is important to factor in the width of the chair. Please email us and we will assist you with your seating configuration and table size.


antique brass brushed brass bright brass ash - natural ash - grey oil oak - natural oak - grey oil iroko - grey oil

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