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James Mudge

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Campari Drinks Cabinet

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Inspired while sipping Negroni’s on the Venice lagoon, this striking cabinet displays not only the high level of craftsmanship required to produce a piece of this magnitude, but also represents the romanticism of the ancient city waterways and long-lasting architectural design. From the original concept from which an all-timber version was made, a second piece evolved where we introduced brass and blacked oak, as seen in these pictures. Brass is historically used in furniture and architecture and is representative of an Italian interior style and energy. These two pieces together, the inside and the outside, convey the rich atmosphere of the Venice experience. Kindly note that the Brass finish is done by hand and patterns & tonal variation will all be unique. Similarly, French Oak is a very characterful timber: large knots and cracks in the wood, as well as discolourations, are what this specific timber is known and admired for. It has been specifically selected for this cabinet design to allude back to the origin of the idea – the ancient Venice buildings, the old timber with its beautiful long-standing putrefaction. This design is for use indoors only and should not be placed in full, everyday sunlight. This is a wall-mounted cabinet can only be installed on a standard masonry wall.


oak - dark charcoal french oak - grey oil antique brass bright brass

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