Anna DeLoach

Michael Habachy

Fueled by her love of design and passion for art, Anna knew from a young age that she wanted to live and breathe design. After helping her parents design houses (and completely remodeling their newest kitchen), she felt more empowered than ever to follow her dream.

Anna began her journey at Georgia Southern University. She not only excelled in her courses, but also worked as an employee of the university’s interior design department, getting hands-on experience creating spaces for hospitality, education, and office settings. She graduated Magna Cum Laude and moved back to Atlanta, where she found her home at Habachy Designs.

Anna continues to feed her hunger for design and is constantly chasing new trends and new ideas. Her passion for the science and “why” of design motivates her to come up with exciting and innovative design solutions. Anna currently resides in the Atlanta neighbourhood of West End with her son, Dexter (the cat).

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