Managing Partner

Jane Nix-Habachy

Michael Habachy

Jane is a journalist by trade, covering news for CNN International as a Senior Writer, but she is also a partner in HD+A with her partner in life, Michael Habachy. She has worn many hats at CNN, from Producer to Copy Editor to head of the Travel website on

Jane brings her keen eye for detail to Habachy Designs®, helping with marketing, PR and special projects. When needed, she also acts as Michael’s right hand (wo)man, assisting with company operations.

Travel is Jane’s biggest passion; the more exotic and remote the road, the better the adventure. She helped ignite the same passion in Michael many years ago, and together they have explored the world, gaining a deep appreciation for its rich diversity of cultures, customs and people. These trips provide great design inspiration, and both Jane and Michael enjoy collecting art and artifacts from all corners of the globe.

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