Branding/Graphics Consultant

Mark Haddad

Michael Habachy

Mark is an accomplished Atlanta-based artist and designer. With a background in both design and marketing from Georgia Tech, Mark positioned himself early in his career to "apply design to business,” and has since established a branding consultancy portfolio.

He loves working with the impact that visual art and design have on shaping and building the character of a brand. Mark’s lifelong zeal for minimalism manifests itself in his logo design; he has the exceptional ability to capture the essence of any company culture and streamline it into a refined mark. He has created logos for dozens of prominent companies, including nationally recognized brands.

Mark’s artistic endeavors involve blending forms of both digital and traditional media, often incorporating graphic design with his natural talent for penmanship. One of his most recent projects is a widely popular Atlanta-themed illustration series that has been nationally published in editorial features and sold as art prints.

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