Samana Shirazi

Michael Habachy

Samana is a highly-skilled interior designer and project manager with a decade of international work experience. She moved to Atlanta after starting her career in the bustling city of Dubai, where she specialized in the leisure and entertainment hospitality industries.

Dynamic and ambitious, Samana has a diverse, hands-on skill set, as well as a tremendous work ethic and dedication to every project she undertakes. She has an astute eye and makes no compromises on the quality of the final product. Her multi-cultural background, international work exposure and avid travels inspire a mélange of ideas that shape her innovative design vision.

Samana project manages both design and construction processes, always with the utmost sense of responsibility and reliability. Her warm and positive personality, combined with excellent communication skills, make her a perfect liaison with clients; with Samana managing the team, they can be confident their project is in good hands.

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