Zoë Cullen

Michael Habachy

Design is Zoe's greatest passion. She looks at the world through a lens of discovery; constantly curious about how to make everyday life, objects, and spaces more engaging, beautiful, and useful. Her experiences have cultivated a global consciousness which has only increased her curiosity about the world, and how people interact with their environment.

Zoe has experience in hospitality, retail, and residential design. She has proven her ability to re-imagine the retail world and push boundaries of retail design with an award winning merchandise display for Nike. Zoe has a strong artistic vision, with the ability to think outside of the norm and push past what has been done before.  She is in constant pursuit of exceeding expectations and creating unique and beautiful design.

Zoe is a LEED accredited Interior Designer, with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario, and a Bachelor of Interior Design from Humber College in Toronto, Canada.

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