Herma de Wit - Orobio de Castro’s works, her bronze sculptures and objects, drawings, etchings and monotypes, are silent witnesses to her deep personal connection with nature. Her intense studies of mainly isolated fragments of flora reveal the emotional labor of marvel and interpretation that is involved in the poetic hint of abstraction the artist reaches for. A visual poetry that speaks of a mysterious balance between power and fragility, between the eternal and the ephemeral. Herma’s subjects - a branche, a leaf and stem, a cluster of flowers and buds or just a seed – are the precious souvenirs of a well-traveled life, a collection that keeps expanding and provides the artist with a lavish source for wonder. Her steadily growing and ever evolving body of work, ranging from man-high enlargements to life size and more intimately scaled representations in either 2D or 3D, is testament to the artist’s obsession. Shrouded in the stillness that she seeks to transmit via her art, is a portraiture of human emotions best understood in the absence of language. Herma de Wit - Orobio de Castro studied fashion design, both at a technical school and at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, and started her artistic career working as a fashion designer in Paris, Milan and Antwerpen before heading her own high-end label from Amsterdam. Since 1999 she focusses solely on her vocation as a fine artist. Largely self-taught in the techniques she applies, Herma works closely together with workshops and craftsmen like welders and bronze casters to master her skills and realize her artistic visions. The artist has had two books of her work published; ‘Herma de Wit - Orobio de Castro, Sculptures and Drawings’ (2019) and 'FORCE OF NATURE’ (2021).

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