Joseph Guay’s visual art focuses on the political and social issues we face in America. His politically charged exhibition of paintings and sculptures titled "Remnants of the Human Condition" paid tribute to Trayvon Martin, Alton Sterling, Eric Garner, Pulse Nightclub, Sandy Hook Elementary, the World Trade Center, the Boston Marathon Bombings and the Dallas Police Officer Shootings. Guay’s largest public art installation, “The Border Wall”, was constructed completely by hand using only undocumented Mexican labor workers. The structure is made from welded steel, rebar and concrete, 40 feet in length by 16 feet tall, weighing over 40,000 pounds. It is modeled after the proposed $20 billion wall for the Mexico / United States border. The purpose of this installation was to create social awareness around the issues surrounding immigration in the United States. Guay's exhibition titled "DUEL // DUAL” explored the two sides and battles of our sociological and political climate. Elements of the work include photographs and sculptures diving into the production and disarmament of weapons; paintings made from motor oil, shattered high-rise glass and gunpowder dealing with terrorism and the alternative reasons for war; sculptures created from live round ammunition and handguns revealing the hidden truths of consumer protection and fear. Recently, Guay unveiled the public installation titled "Missed Attendance”. It was created from school desks painted with chalkboard paint in honor of the 14 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students that will never get to sit in a classroom again. The installation was exhibited at the Atlanta Capitol during the “March for Our Lives” demonstration and protesters were allowed to write their thoughts of gun control on the installation. Guay’s work is included in the Sir Elton John Photography collection, the High Museum, and the Mercedes Benz Stadium. His art has been published in Billboard Magazine, Art Papers, Faces - Grafiche Dell’Artiere, ArtsATL and featured on CNN Espanol.

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