Kristin Genet was born and raised in former East Germany, in a small village surrounded by woods and sunflower fields. At a very young age she was exposed to finding creative ways to make the most out of living in a socialist state. Since early childhood she showed an interest in designing by spending most of her time outside in the woods building forts. During her high school years she fell in love with both the performing and fine arts. Later on she studied Architecture in Dresden, one of Germany’s most history-laden cities. After the wall came down, with the opportunity to travel, she followed her love of adventure and moved to Granada, Spain for one year.During that time her passion for set design grew and she enrolled into film school in Berlin, Germany. A movie project brought her to Los Angeles, California, where she lived for seven years. She now lives with her three children south of Atlanta, in a community called Serenbe. Her work is deeply inspired by her love of nature, her European background and her desire for creating transformative experiences and art work.

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