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Bas Sofa

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When inspiration strikes. As Jens Juul Eilersen set out to design Bas he was inspired by other low sofas, which all had a common denominator of having a wide armrest and a low frame. Bas shares fragments such as its low frame and many combination possibilities, but this is also where the similarities end. Details such as an elegant armrest of 18 cm width, a seating height of 40 cm as well as a shallow depth complete the modern look of Bas uniting the best elements into one sofa in the most compelling way. Bas is a perfect Eilersen modular sofa suited for small spaces, as well as for the consumer that desires a sofa with plenty of space and superb comfort. When furniture becomes art. Like a chameleon, the Bas sofa can transform itself in a given space. It can be a piece of art when placed in the middle of a room, where every line and colour can be enjoyed as you walk around it. If placed against a wall, it becomes almost invisible and only fully perceived upon touch. No matter how Bas is placed or combined the result is a modern sofa, which will look beautiful in any home.



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