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Exilis Console Table

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“Flourishes on contrasts Exilis, the collection of tables that finds the essence of its expressive power in the very matching between apparently discordant elements” The name itself, chosen for this new Amura collection, expresses the essence of this contrast: Exilis, Latin for light, impalpable, but also “exigere”, latin for measuring, carefully pondering. Frailty and strength, lightness and sturdiness: these are the borders within which Exilis tables exist, with their essential lines, the slight thickness of the slabs that test to the limit the potentiality of the materials, and at the same time the absolute stability given by the precise ratio of strengths between bases and tops. Contrasting are, as well, the formal simplicity of the lines that intersect to create minimal tops, and the importance of the materials chosen: metal sheet for the base and marble or wood for the top. Exilis is a collection of tables with a strong personality, which easily fir into any style of living, thanks to the ability of putting on a different aspect according to the chosen finishes.


Metal, wood, marble

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