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Setacci Coffee Table

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The Setacci collection is made of coffee tables of different height and diameter of their top. The inspiration, in fact, comes from the sieves used for the flour, commonly used in the agricultural tradition, which in Altamura are elevated to instruments of a sacral ritual, because of the centrality of the bread-making in this land. From the ancient sieves the new Amura coffee tables take the morphology, in a strongly contemporary abstraction, that never betrays their original shapes. Thus, the models are characterised by a perforated top in sheet metal, wood or leather; traditionally sieves had different patterns for their holes, and here they are elaborated and proposed to give life to accessories with an unique personality. The base can be in wood, metal or leather, and is made of a whole curved surface, kept close by hide leather stitches in two different variants. The perforated surface of the top makes this set particularly versatile.


Metal, wood, leather

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